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The Battle of Tewesburk

The Top Twenty British Explorers

Normanton Sunken Church

Normanton Sunken Church

The only church half submerged in a lake and now a museum.

Shakespeare & Anonymous

History of Hawkstone Park

The story behind one of England's most mysterious country estates.

Curse of the Treshams

Curse of the Treshams

At the heart of the 'gunpowder plot', the curse of the Treshams lives on.

  Welcome to Britain Explorer, a site that aims to enventually list just about everything in the UK that is exceptionally beautiful, curious, mysterious and very wonderful.

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   Battle of Tewkesbury

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Images of Britain
Visit our 'Images of Britain Gallery' to see some of our best and most interesting photographs of this remarkable country. Here you can often find images of curious places that haven't yet been fully listed in our website . Enjoy the best of Britain
Feature Articles about the UK
Britain is a land rich in legends, myths, romance and mysteries. From the turbulent love affairs of kings and queens to the strangest laws that still survive as legislation - this is our growing collection of feature articles. Explore the best of British.
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